Youth Camps & Retreats

Current educational programs in schools and universities focus on increasing intelligence through acquisition of external information. Intelligence does not prepare the individual to face the challenges of life, resulting in an alarming rise in stress and deteriorating productivity levels. Vedanta focuses on the individual. Explains the functioning of a person’s inner personality and its relationship with the world. Develops intellectual strength and clarity, enabling one to handle challenges and function with both efficiency and equanimity in life.

The Vedanta Academy campus in Malavli, India runs youth camps and retreats to introduce the knowledge of Vedanta to students and professionals.

NextGen Wisdom Summit is scheduled for 27th to 30th Dec 2018

Find out more about upcoming Youth Camps and Retreats at the Academy, please contact us.

Vedanta International Retreat is scheduled from 11th to 16th Dec 2018

For enquiry for the Vedanta International Retreat email to

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