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Vedanta is derived from two words Veda – Knowledge and Anta – End.  Vedanta means the end of knowledge. This ancient philosophy presents the eternal principles of life and living. It programmes a life of mental peace combined with dynamic action in the world. Equips one with clarity of intellect to deal with the challenges of life.  Above all its philosophy leads one to the ultimate goal of Self-Realisation.

The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy

A collection of Swami Parthasarathy’s written work.

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  • 2530 PAGESA. Parthasarathy

    The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy consists of: The Fall of the Human Intellect, Governing Business & Relationships, Select English Poems, Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities, Bhaja Govindam & Atmabodha, Bhagavad Gita, Choice Upanishads and The Symbolism of Hindu Gods and Rituals.

    The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy is the first ever scripture written by a living saint to guide a seeker to Enlightenment. It comprises the purest form of spiritual literature structured for all humanity regardless of race or religion. This monumental work is a product of the Swamiji’s lifetime study and research for over six decades.

    The book contains 2530 pages printed in Finland on fine quality paper.

    1) The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy does not include the author's latest books entitled The Holocaust of Attachment and Thesis on God
    2) The book is specially bound in leatherette (imitation leather) with flat lay binding.


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Based on the live recordings of the classes at the Vedanta Academy, the following e-learning courses are available:
1. Complete online study program on Vedanta philosophy
2. Governing Business and Relationships
3. A Direction for Youth
4. Mould your Children



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The human race has accepted the word God unquestionably from time immemorial. Which has resulted in an avalanche of diverse faiths warring with each other.

Thesis on God is also available in digital formats for Kindle, Google Play and iBooks.