A. Parthasarathy

Living is an art, a skill, a technique. You need to learn and practise it
as you would a game or musical instrument.


A. Parthasarathy, popularly known as Swamiji, is a pre-eminent philosopher. He is acclaimed as the greatest living exponent of Vedanta, the ancient philosophy of India. In a life of selfless service over six decades, Swamiji’s exceptional contribution has been the translation of subtle philosophical themes into a practical technique of living. An exercise that has brought about mental solace and material prosperity in society.

Swamiji’s stature and achievement has been profiled in four books:

  • 101 Great Indians who have made India proud in the last century
  • 101 Great Indian Authors and Poets
  • 101 Great Indian Saints
  • The Mind of the Guru, foreworded by H. H. The Dalai Lama, as one of the twenty eminent gurus of the world.

A. Parthasarathy has a multi-disciplined academic base with postgraduation from London University. Renouncing a lucrative shipping business early in life he has dedicated his life to study, research and propagation of Vedanta. His writings, discourses and corporate seminars have been widely acclaimed and featured in international press and television media including TIME, New Yorker, Businessweek, CNBC, Sky, Sunday Times London, the New York Post, The Times of India. While business, sport and film celebrities regularly seek his counsel.




Swamiji has written twelve books presenting the timeless philosophy of life in contemporary thought and language. Three of them are bestsellers. The Vedanta Treatise: The Eternities, now in its eighteenth edition, has been extolled ‘The book of the planet’. The first nine books compiled in one volume entitled The Complete Works of Swami Parthasarathy is the first ever scripture written by a living saint. They comprise the purest form of spiritual literature structured for all seekers regardless of race or religion to attain the ultimate state of Enlightenment. Swamiji’s latest book is Thesis on God.



To impart the knowledge of Vedanta and its practical application to life, Swamiji has been traveling all over the world for over fifty years. His discourses have been a revelation, profoundly impacting the lives of his audiences. In 1988 he founded the Vedanta Academy in India, which serves as a world resource for Vedanta knowledge through its residential courses for the youth, professionals and businesspersons.

All publications of A.Parthasarathy cover the syllabus of the three-year residential course on Vedanta, the ancient philosophy which originated in the Himalayan rannges. The course is conducted at the Vedanta Academy, Malavali, India.
And has been captured in over 360 video lectures by Parthasarathy. One could enrol for the entire e-learning course or take it annually.
For more details and registration log on to elearning.vedantaworld.org.

Corporate Guru

Swamiji’s pioneering lifetime research has formulated Self-management courses for corporations worldwide. He has been acclaimed as one of the leading corporate gurus for international institutions such as the Young Entrepreneurs’ Organisation, Young Presidents’ Organisation, World Presidents’ Organisation, World Economic Forum and distinguished business schools.


A man who adds new meaning to the phrase ‘Business Guru’

- TIME Magazine, on Swami Parthasarathy

Speaking Credentials

Over the last 50 years, A.Parthasarathy has been addressing organisations and corporations in USA, UK, Europe, Russia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, UAE, South Africa and India.

Organisations and Educational Institutions

  • Aspen Ideas Festival
  • Festival of Thinkers
  • World Economic Forum
  • World Bank
  • World Presidents’ Organisation
  • Young Presidents’ Organisation
  • Young Entrepreneurs’
  • European Business Council
  • Confederation of Indian Industry
  • Malaysian State Assembly
  • Indian Cricket Team
  • NASA
  • Harvard University
  • Wharton Business School
  • Oxford University
  • Stanford University
  • Kellogg School of Management
  • Indian Institutes of Technology
  • Gordon Inst. of Business Science
  • Malaysia Inst. of Management
  • University of Singapore
  • WITS University
  • Zayed University
  • Welingkar Inst. of Management
  • Symbiosis Institutes

Corporate Bodies

  • Google
  • Microsoft Corporation
  • Nestle
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • LG
  • Chanel
  • JP Morgan
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Fairmont Hotels
  • Nomura
  • Credit Suisse
  • Barclays
  • Walt Disney
  • Chrysler
  • Ernst & Young
  • Deloitte
  • KPMG
  • Amdocs
  • First National Bank
  • Edward Nathan Sonnenbergs
  • ANZ Bank
  • Smollan Group
  • Rand Merchant Bank
  • Emtel Mauritius
  • Telekom Malaysia Ltd
  • YTL Corporation
  • Nedbank
  • Piaggio
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Bajaj Auto
  • JSW Group
  • Essar Group
  • Reserve Bank of India
  • State Bank of India
  • Tata Steel
  • HDFC
  • IIFL
  • IL&FS
  • Indian Railway Board
  • Bombay Stock Exchange
  • Thermax
  • Finolex

At 90 years, Swamiji follows a daily schedule of yoga and jogging. He is also an accomplished sportsman, regularly winning most-valuable player awards for his Academy cricket team. Above all, at 6 feet Swamiji has maintained a 32-inch waistline, 148 pound weight and ideal blood pressure and sugar levels for the past 66 years! Hailing from a distinguished business family, he owned a Rolls Royce in the prime of youth which he gave away and dedicated himself to a life of service and sacrifice.